100+ Killer Opening Sentences for Cover Letters

A cover letter often sets an applicant apart from all others and helps them land an interview. That means that a good cover letter can help you secure a job offer before it’s even been advertised! But unfortunately, many people write their cover letters without putting in any thought or creativity about how they want their readers to feel when they read them. The result? A bland, boring introduction that does nothing but waste space on the page and bore readers with dry, unoriginal writing.

If you want to make sure that your cover letter doesn’t fall into this category, then you’re in the right place. Below, you’ll find 100+ different ways to introduce yourself that will help ensure your job application gets read…and hopefully lead to an interview!

100+ killer opening sentences for cover letters with examples

Your cover letter is the first impression hiring managers will have of you—so make it count! Here are 100+ interesting opening sentences that will help grab attention and encourage your reader to keep reading. Don’t wait around for someone to read your whole cover letter before they know if you’re qualified for the job—grab their attention right away with these opening sentences.

1) “I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that the new year has brought many great things your way!”

2) When I started thinking about applying for this position, I knew it would be perfect for me—and after looking at your website more closely, I realized how lucky I am to have this opportunity.

3) “You don’t know me yet, but you will.”

4) Last week, I stumbled across your company and thought, “Wow! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

5) When I saw the job posting for this role, I immediately knew it was for me.

6) “I’ve been following your work since you started and thought you’re doing a great job!”

7) I saw this position come up on LinkedIn and thought, “Wow—this is exactly what I want to do with my life.”

8) I’ve always wanted to work in this industry—and when you posted the job, I knew it was time for me to make my dream a reality.

9) Have you ever felt like the stars were aligning and everything was falling into place? That’s exactly what happened to me when I saw the job posting for this role.

10) I’ve always been fascinated by your organization, and when I saw the open position in the company, it was like everything clicked into place.

11) When I came across your job post on LinkedIn, I was so excited to see that someone wanted to create an opportunity in my dream field.

12) Last year, I read an article about your company and was inspired to eventually find myself in a position like this one.

13) “As soon as I saw the posting for this job online, I knew it was time for me to move my career forward.”

14) When I found out about this position, I wondered why it didn’t exist when I was in high school or college.

15) “I decided to apply for this position because you’ve always been a leader in my industry.”

16) When I saw the posting for this role online, it was so perfect that I couldn’t pass it up.

17) You’ve been my idol for years—and when I saw the opportunity to work with you, I knew this was meant to be.

18) If I could describe myself in one sentence, it would be that “I am not afraid of hard work and will always give any project my all.”

19) This isn’t the first time I’ve applied for a job at your company, and it certainly won’t be the last.

20) You don’t know me yet, but if you give me this opportunity, I’ll be sure to blow you away.

21) Your organization has always been a shining example in [field], and I’m so excited to begin my career here.

22) When I read the description for this role, it was like someone had written it just for me.

23) From your website and social media accounts, I can tell that you have an amazing company culture—and that’s exactly what I’m looking for in a place of employment.

24) “I just saw your job post and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to apply.”

25) “When I found out about this role, it felt like I was meant to find it—as all my hard work had finally paid off!”

26) “After reading the description for this position online, I knew immediately that you’ve been looking for someone like me.”

27) It took me a long time to decide whether or not this was the right move for me—but after careful consideration, I decided that it would be a good fit with my previous experience and qualifications.

28) “I don’t know if you remember me, but we met at an event and talked about my past experience and current interests.”

29) “I know I don’t have much experience yet, but that’s why I want to work for your company!”

30) “When I first saw the job posting for this position online, I realized how perfectly it aligned with everything on my resume.”

31) When I found out about this position from a friend of mine, I was so excited to apply because it fits perfectly with what he knows about me as a person and professional.

32) As soon as I saw the job posting for the role online, it seemed too good to be true—but after looking more at your website, I realized it really is an opportunity for me.

33) “I know you might be nervous about bringing on someone with my lack of experience—but don’t worry about it! That’s what makes me so excited about the opportunity.”

34) The more that I read into your company, the more impressed I became—and that was even before I saw the open position.

35) When I found out about this job posting, I knew immediately that it was the perfect fit for my skills and education.

36) Your organization has always been something that’s inspired me to work hard and push myself outside of my comfort zone—and now it feels like all of those dreams are finally coming true!

37) “Lately, I’ve been really passionate about [insert relevant topic] and think I could bring a lot to your company.”

38) “I’m so honored that you found my application for this position—and I hope you’ll give me the chance to interview.”

39) “When I read more about your organization online, it seemed like the perfect place for someone like me to be.”

40) “I saw an ad on LinkedIn for this position, and after reading through more of your website, I knew I had to apply.”

41) “Ever since college, people have told me that working in [industry] is too difficult—but they never expected me to succeed, and I’m going to prove them wrong.”

42) “This looks like the perfect opportunity for someone with my qualifications and experience, so I hope you don’t mind that I applied as soon as I saw the listing online.”

43) If given a chance, I can guarantee that this won’t be a wasted interview—just as your company won’t be a waste of my time.

44) “I’ve been researching your company for years.”

45) “Sometimes when people see a job posting, they think it’s too good to be true, but after reading more about your organization, everything just makes sense.”

46) When I first read about this role, I knew it was something I had to apply for.

47) “I’ve been looking everywhere for an opportunity just like this one—and now that I’ve found it, you won’t regret giving me a chance.”

48) “After seeing your company profile online, I realized that you’re only getting bigger and better every day!”

49) “I have a fresh perspective, and I know that’s what you need right now.”

50) “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to work here.”

51) “This position is perfect for someone with my experience and qualities.”

52) After spending so much time on the website for this organization, I feel more than confident that this would be a good move for both of us.

53) If I’m being honest, this career path is something I’ve always wanted to pursue but never thought possible—thankfully, it seems like the tables have turned!

54) “I know you might be worried about taking a chance on someone with my lack of experience in [industry], but don’t worry about it! Instead, you should think about how much potential I have.”

55) After only reading the first line of your job description, I knew that this opportunity was not one to pass up—and if given the chance, I can prove why.

56) “I was so excited when I saw this position advertised online because I know that I’d be perfect for it.”

57) “It seems like every time I come across an article about your company, things are only getting better and better! That makes me believe that this would be the perfect place to put my skills into action.”

58) “I’m so excited to hear back from you—and even more excited about the opportunity.”

59) If given the chance, I can give a 100% guarantee that you’ll never regret this interview.

60) “I don’t blame you for being nervous about hiring someone with as little experience as me, but if you give me a shot, there’s no way we’ll ever regret it.”

61) “It seems like this is the perfect opportunity for someone with my particular skills and experience, so I hope you don’t mind that I applied the minute I saw the posting online.”

62) “I’m not sure if people told you this before, but working with me has always been a pleasure.”

63) “This position seems right up my alley—and even though I know there are probably tons of qualified applicants applying to your company every day, it would be an honor for me to be part of your team!”

64) When I read about all of the new projects your organization was involved in, I knew that it was time for me to find something new too.

65) “I know that working in [industry] isn’t always easy—but I’m here to tell you that it would be a privilege to help your company take things to the next level.”

66) “After reading more about your company, I realized how perfect my qualifications are for this position.”

67) “It’s only after the second glance at your job description that I realized just how perfect of a fit I can be!”

68) “I was so excited when I came across your posting online because it seemed like something up my alley.”

69) “I don’t want you to think there are tons of other applicants who are better suited for this role than I am—because that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

70) “I’m not sure how long it will take for you to give me a callback, but do know that I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!”

71) “I don’t have any experience in your field specifically—but if given a chance, I won’t let you down!”

72) No matter how many people are applying for this position, rest assured that I would be the best person you could hire for this job.

73) “With my education and experience in [field], there is no doubt in mind that I’m qualified to do this job.”

74) “I know you’re receiving tons of applications from people with tons more experience than me, but don’t let that stop you from thinking I’m a great fit for the role.”

75) “There are probably other applicants better suited for your company than I am—but if given a chance, I can prove why you should hire me over everyone else.”

76) “When I came across your job description online, it seemed like every single one of my qualifications was tailor-made for it!”

77) After looking through all of your projects and seeing how hard everyone on your team works, there’s no doubt in my mind that working here would be a privilege.

78) “I know there are probably six other applicants with way more experience than me, but I hope you can see that I’m still the best candidate for the job.”

79) “It’s obvious to me that this role was made for someone like me.”

80) “I don’t claim to have years of relevant experience in [industry], but I promise you won’t regret giving me a chance.”

81) “After doing some more reading about what your company is all about, I realized we fit hand-in-hand perfectly!”

82) “Your impressive client list and reputation in [industry] makes it clear to me that you’re the perfect place for someone like me.”

83) “No matter how much time it takes, I’ll prove to you why I should be chosen over everyone else.”

84) “I know there are probably people applying to this role who have way more experience than I do—but if given a chance, I can guarantee that no one will work harder than me.”

85) “Someone with my skills and knowledge is an asset for any company looking to succeed.”

86) It looks like we share the same goals and values—which makes me think we’d make a great team together!

87) “I don’t care what other applicants say—I’m confident I’m the best person for this role.”

88) “It was only after I read more about what your company does that I realized we could be a great fit!”

89) “Don’t think I’m not up to the challenge because even though there are tons of other people competing for this position, you won’t regret choosing me.”

90) “Even though I don’t have as much experience as the others applying to this position, it’s obvious to me that my personality and enthusiasm would make me a perfect fit.”

91) Even if six other applicants seem like better candidates than me, rest assured that none of them will work half as hard as I will.

92) “I don’t really know how to approach this, but the fact that you’re looking for someone with my qualifications is, in and of itself, a huge compliment!”

93) “It was only after doing more research about your company that I discovered it’s something I’m extremely passionate about.”

94) “My resume may not be the longest one you’ve ever seen—but if given a chance to prove myself, I can guarantee you won’t regret it.”

95) “Even though we both have different backgrounds and experiences, it looks like we could be perfect together!”

96) With your track record and reputation in [industry] and knowing my qualifications, I’m sure we’ll work well together.

97) “Although every other applicant might be more qualified than me, don’t be discouraged from considering me because of that!”

98) “It doesn’t take a genius to realize how perfect this role would be for someone with my skills and experience.”

99) “Even though there are a lot of people applying to this position who seem better suited for it than I am, I promise you won’t regret choosing me.”

100) “Knowing what your company is about really makes me think we’d make a great team together!”

101) “I know you probably have a ton of other applicants with way more experience than I have, but if given a chance, I can guarantee that I would be a perfect fit for this role.”

102) “Although there are lots of applications for this position from better-qualified people—I truly believe that no one else is going to work as hard as me.”

103) You don’t need to worry about any other candidates applying for this job. Each and everyone has something they lack compared to me. It’s clear to see who will make the best hire here.

104) “Even though I might not have quite as much experience as your other applicants, it’s obvious that my personality and enthusiasm would make me a perfect candidate.”

105) “Although I might not have as much experience as the others applying to this position, it’s clear that my personality and enthusiasm would make me an amazing team member.”

106) “Even though there are probably people more qualified than me applying for this job—I want you to know that no one will work harder than I will.”

107) “Knowing what your company is like makes me think we’d be perfect together!”

108) “I don’t care if other applicants might seem better qualified than I am—if given a chance, I promise you won’t regret choosing me!”

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed some of these opening sentences for cover letters! Remember, you have one shot at making a great first impression. Make it count! And if you’re having trouble coming up with ways to start your cover letter—I hope this gives you some inspiration! Keep practicing until you’ve got the perfect sentence for your letter! Good luck!

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