Jasper Vs. Writesonic: Which AI Writing Assistant To Choose?

The world of business writing has been transformed by the advent of AI writing assistants. These tools have become increasingly popular among businesses looking to improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Two popular AI writing assistants that have emerged in recent years are Jasper and Writesonic. Both platforms use Open AI’s GPT-3 technology and offer a … Read more

Top 5 Words Per Minute Calculators 2023

Keeping your word per minute (WPM) pace in mind might offer a number of advantages. First off, it can boost your productivity and effectiveness when doing typing-intensive jobs like producing emails or reports. It can also lessen mistakes and increase overall typing accuracy. Lastly, it can help you do jobs faster and with less effort, … Read more

Using Percents: How Many Percentage or How many percentages

As a writer, I’m often asked whether it is more accurate to say ‘how many percentage’ or ‘how much percentage’ when discussing various topics. I’ll go into more depth about how to use these words in the piece below to address this issue. By using the keywords calculator, and percentage calculator at least 10 times … Read more

What Conversions AI can do for You (15 Benefits for Writers)

As a writer, I know how tough it can be to create quality content in a timely manner. I’m thrilled to tell you about the advantages of Conversion.ai for your writing workflow. In this blog, I’ll provide an overview of what Conversion.ai is and how it can help you write better content faster. I’ll then … Read more

What Makes a Book Easier to Read? 10 Expert Tips

What Makes a Book Easier to Read 10 Expert Tips

The world widely credits reading for transforming minds and bodies; perhaps because of the conscious need for literacy, the crucial role reading has played in shaping our culture and nationhood, or simply the pleasure and satisfaction we derive from absorbing dense ideas in the form of books. Whatever could have made reading activity so important … Read more

Ginger Vs Grammarly [2023]: Which is more accurate?

Ginger Vs Grammarly [2022]: Which is more accurate

Introduction There are all sorts of writers in the world. Novice authors want to grow quickly to begin charging for their services. Business owners want expert guidance in putting together clean, correct text but don’t know where to start. Time and time again, professional writers get stuck in specific problem areas. Using edit and grammar … Read more